We build software today
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Lainco is a Software Development Company, specialized in creating top quality solutions with innovative technology for automotive industry

Automation / Interoperability / IoT

Take advantage of the power of your present infrastructure by connecting sensors, devices, smart tools and software applications so that bring economic, fast, efficient and accurate solutions.

Web / Desktop Applications

Our experience in automotive industry, combined with UX methodologies allows us to immerse fast in your production process and work hand-in-hand to build top quality applications.


By providing the best user experience to your customers and employees with apps suitable for wearable phones and tablets which are integrated with your solutions.


Don't you know where to start? or which is the best approach? Contact us for a full assessment  of your current situation to define a roadmap.

We also provide training and coaching about different technologies

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Cyber Physical Systems

High abstraction level solutions that allows to make computer-based algorithm solutions to control or interact with hardware components.

Information Transparency

We create a virtual copy of physical world to contextualize information, and give a real time representation of the plant.

Worker Assistance

Reduce your issue rates and training costs. Give assistance to workers in tasks that are too difficult or unsafe for them.

Big Data

Exponential increase of sensors and devices produces huge datasets. We have the tools and experience to manage them.

Key Process Indicators

Sort and classify cyber physical system information in order to build KPIs, Dashboards and Scorecards that shows your business performance in real-time.

Machine Learning

Machine learning can easily consume unlimited amounts of data with timely analysis and assessment. Make Analysis and Predictions in Real-Time

Decentralized Decision-Making

Cyber Physical Systems combined with context given by virtual factory and Machine Learning techniques allows to decentralized automatic decision-making.

Reliability & Stability

As technology increases participation in production environments, it becomes a critical asset. We provide solutions with high degrees of reliability and stability that minimizes downtimes.

Data Security

Data security is a major concern in Smart Factories solutions. We have strong experience on the subject and our solutions are secured from the ground up.

Our methodologies

User Experience

Building applications with User Centered Design (UCD) approach, allow us to bring usable & efficient interfaces for employees and customers. Working with Research > Build > Testing iterations, improving your digital products continuously.

Continuous Innovation

We have an agile mindset: Transparency, collaboration and continuous improvement are in our DNA. We are continually investing in Research of new Technologies and Development of our framework and tools.

Academic Partnership

We keep in touch with researchers of prestigious universities who gives us support and guidance on new technologies and ongoing projects.

Industry Know How

We strongly believe that the only way to build amazing apps is knowing the business behind them. So, instead of provide a wide range of services, we choose to concentrate on automotive industry. It’s allows as to add real value to our customers.

Full Life-Cycle

We take care of the full life-cycle of the project. We start working with your business experts to understand the whole concept, and continue until the final implementation. Once deployed we provide maintenance and support for the life of the product.


We have our own developed framework with libraries and tools specific designed to automotive industry. It allows us to lower development and testing costs, increase our product quality and robustness and provides a consistent experience to our customers.

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